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In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations’ International Year of the Family, in 2014, FTP Media was commissioned to direct and produce a long-format video featuring interviews with three families. Bob Cowan of CHCH Hamilton conducted the interviews on behalf of Our Kids Network, a Halton-wide partnership of organizations and agencies serving children and youth.

“The Vibrant Lives of Halton Families” is a half-hour documentary presenting the personal stories of three unique families in Halton, Ontario: a newcomer family with a special-needs child, a blended family with a lifetime-foster teenaged son, and a same-sex couple with two adopted sons. Their experiences highlight how families are meeting everyday challenges while also addressing the question of what makes a family today.

Total running time: 37:43 mins.


“The Vibrant Lives of Halton Families” Conversations

For more information about this project, please visit:…/Halton-families-interviews

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