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It was a grey weekend in Toronto but that did not stop the lively and colourful artist Bill Wrigley from heading out to the upper reaches of Toronto to “throw” at a semi-secret location known as “Crang’s Pond,” just off the Humber River. Though the old high school football field was covered with toxic geese droppings, we watched and ran as Bill’s beautiful, high performance art boomerangs were thrown into the air… only to return back towards us again! The wind buffeted and shifted about, making their flight path exciting and unpredictable, but there were some really good throws and good catches, mostly by Bill but also by my brother Mike, whom Bill teaches to throw here in this video. Take a look, enjoy, and please don’t laugh (too hard) at my girly attempt at throwing. Yes, I used to play softball, but that was a long time ago. My arms are better used for holding a video camera today.

BillyBooms at Crang’s Pond, Toronto