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In this charming YouTube video, NBC television journalist Tom Brokaw presents a short film explaining Canada to Americans¬†prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It’s interesting to note Brokaw’s inclusion (at 03:24 min in the video)¬†of the rescuing of the six American Embassy personnel by Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor during the Iranian hostage crisis, recently depicted in the Ben Affleck film, Argo.

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans

Incidentally, Argo just happened to win Best Picture at the 85th Academy Awards tonight. Now while Affleck did not exactly give credit to Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor for successfully orchestrating the 1980 hostage rescue (as Taylor recently challenged him to do), Ben Affleck did hurriedly thank Canada (in exactly two words at 06:40 min in the video below) in a very rushed acceptance speech tonight. Perhaps if he had more time on stage he might have said more…

Take a look at this Oscars 2013 video. It opens with a wizened sprightly Jack Nicholson¬†introducing the ‘Best Picture’ category presenter, Michelle Obama, speaking live via telecast from the White House. Argo Co-Producer Grant Heslov provides the initial Oscar thanks before introducing Ben Affleck, who finally approaches the mic at the video’s 06:01 minute mark.

Oscars 2013: Argo Wins Best Picture Award