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FTP Media was hired for a one-year contract to consult on and digitally archive Bruce Mau Design‘s entire body of work, firstly by taking more than 8 terabytes of offline digital media assets (located on hundreds of CD- and DV-ROMs) and transferring them to the BMD servers. Then, through a process of cataloguing all materials, FTP established a comprehensive, locally-based media archive. As a result of this lengthy and detail-oriented process, many items representing significant areas of client work were now available internally, allowing the design firm the means to access and showcase their extensive body of work and develop a complete website redesign.

FTP Media was then invited to help commemorate the launch of the design studio’s new location at 469C King Street West, Toronto. To celebrate the occasion Bruce invited fellow innovator Uffe Elbæk, founder of Denmark’s KaosPilots School of Business Design and Social Innovation, to join him in a fireside chat about design and social entrepreneurship. The discussion was webcast live to ustream.tv and simulcast to audiences that evening at the Bruce Mau Design studio party.

View the live webcast here:

The ‘Mischief and Merrymaking’ event was produced by Paddy Harrington, Greg Judelman, Jim Shedden, and Eha Hess of Bruce Mau Design. The video webcast was produced and uploaded by Lisa Santonato at FTP Media Inc. for Bruce Mau Design. 

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