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From 2003 to 2008, FTP Media provided content management, media archival, video production and consulting services for the phenomenally-creative musical genius, Canada’s own Spookey Ruben. Below you’ll find a link to the Bed and Breakfast Electronic Press Kit (EPK) produced by FTP Media for Spookey Ruben in 2003. This EPK features songs from the double-disc album release of 2001 entitled “Bed” and “Breakfast.” © FTP Media Inc. 2003. Produced with the assistance of the VideoFACT (A Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent) PromoFACT Award Program, supported by the MuchMoreMusic Network.

Bed and Breakfast EPK

Toronto-based recording artist Spookey Ruben, famous for the success of his 1996 album release “Modes of Transportation,” invited FTP Media Founder and Director Lisa Santonato to apply for a PromoFACT award to produce an Electronic Press Kit for his latest release. The application was submitted and successful. The challenge was on. How to capture the energy of the artist known as Spookey, and update fans on his whereabouts over the years? It took a trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco to find out, but find out we did… with a little help of an old VHS tape featuring Spookey performing live in his early years. This is FTP Media’s EPK for Spookey Ruben, featuring songs from the double-disc album release of 2001, “Bed” and “Breakfast.” © FTP Media Inc. 2003.

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