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Lisa Santonato – Biography

Lisa Santonato is a digital content producer with many years of experience working in online video production. She spent her formative years working through apprenticeships in Toronto’s burgeoning independent film industry during the early 1990’s. Following a move to Vancouver in 1995, Lisa landed a role in a new media startup, and for 2 years she held the title of Senior Editor of a free-press publication called “Taxi Vancouver Mag.zine”, one of the earliest magazines to go online in Canada. 

Following her return to Toronto in 1999, Lisa established Forward Thinking Productions (FTP Media) with the goal of integrating her passion for video production with online content development. Working as a New Media Content Developer under the auspices of her own company, Lisa has shot, edited, directed, and produced countless campaign videos for a diverse range of clients across the cultural, non-profit, and business sectors. Her key areas of expertise include writing, video production, video editing, photography, and webcasting. 

After many years of experience working in the field, in 2013 Lisa took a sabbatical from her career as she made the commitment to return to full-time studies. In 2016, she completed her Honours B.A. in Cinema and Anthropology (Social, Cultural, Linguistic) at the University of Toronto. That same year Lisa commenced her Master’s program in Cinema and Media Studies at York University. She aims to have her Master’s thesis completed by Spring of next year (2021). 

In 2018, Lisa completed the Data Analytics Boot Camp Certificate at the University of Toronto. Armed with new skills in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, SQL Databases, and VBA, Lisa adds new skills to her roster of capabilities as full-stack analyst. Working primarily in Python to automate the cleanup, re-structuring and rendering of large datasets, she employs SQL to query and manipulate data and uses VBA scripts in Excel to automate manual processes. Lisa also uses the data visualization tool, Plotly.js to illustrate social, financial, and political phenomena in order to quickly communicate analytics results in charts and graphs. 

In addition to these recent advancements in her training, today Lisa is pursuing certificates in Multimedia Journalism, and Multimedia Storytelling & Content Marketing, at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. The courses are intended to build upon her earned knowledge and expertise with advanced training in Marketing and Journalism. She expects to have earned her certificates by the end of this year (December 2020). 

Today, Lisa continues to focus on building her expertise in digital content development with new projects integrating video, social media, photography, and the web. She draws upon her strengths in photography, videography, and writing, as well as her background in print and website design, to develop, produce, and support digital communications campaigns for the social, cultural, and non-profit sectors. 

Self-portrait, July 27, 2016 © Lisa Santonato 2016

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