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FTP Media Inc. is a privately-held Canadian production company based in Toronto, Canada. Originally conceived as Forward Thinking Productions, a Sole-Proprietorship registered in 1999, the company officially launched on the web in 2000. FTP Media’s primary goal is to harness the power of the web as transformational medium through digital storytelling. 


Our Services

Since 1999, FTP Media has steadfastly delivered quality content development, video production, consultation, and support, to a wide range of organizations, serving primarily the arts and non-profit sectors. Our range of service offerings have traditionally included: video production, writing, webcasting, digital strategy, social media marketing, consulting, analytics, and media archival. Today, FTP Media offers an integrated, full-stack suite of services, combining front end digital storytelling with server-side analytics. These services have grown and evolved with the evolution of the social web, allowing us to focus exclusively on what we do best: Digital Storytelling, Digital Marketing, and Data Analytics

Digital Storytelling

With over 20 years of experience in video production, we approach every project as a story waiting to be told. Our first step is to seek a thorough understanding of your brand or project’s marketing objectives. We then craft a solid plan so that at each stage of the production process we are able to exceed your expectations in production quality and design, all while delivering on time and on budget. 

Digital Marketing

The newest addition to our suite of services, Digital Marketing provides the foundation for all that we create and do for you. By identifying and understanding your KPIs we are able to translate these into actionable, measurable results, which we then deliver on through our Digital Storytelling services. We follow up by measuring our metrics and successes through our suite of advanced Data Analytics offerings. 

Data Analytics

No campaign is complete without an analysis of key performance metrics. With server-side solutions now added to our suite of digital offerings, we truly work from concept to completion in our mission to share your story and build your brand. By analyzing and assessing key performance indicators, and then presenting these through visualizations, we help provide solutions to your most pressing business questions. 

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