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USC Canada – The World We Want

Posted by on Feb 9, 2012 in Clients, Portfolio,, USC Canada, Video Production

The renowned author of Diet for a Small Planet, Frances Moore Lappé, captivated over a thousand people in public forums hosted by USC Canada on Jan 31 and Feb 1. In addition to webcasting the Toronto event on Jan 31st together with, USC Canada hired FTP Media to produce a dynamic recording of the event, integrating three cameras with Lappé’s presentation.

View the full 52 minute version of Frankie’s compelling talk here.

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NowPublic Emmy Video

Posted by on Oct 2, 2009 in NowPublic, Portfolio

This video is uploaded in submission to the nomination committee for an Interactive Emmy Award.

Directed by Lisa Santonato at FTP Media Inc. for
Produced by Sudha Krishna, NowPublic, News Department. Script written by Sudha Krishna. Edited by Lisa Santonato.

Featuring “Sangria” by Kinder Atom. Used by permission.

© NowPublic 2009

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Corduroy Live at Bread & Circus

Posted by on Jul 29, 2009 in Corduroy, Portfolio

Toronto indie rock band Corduroy presents their unforgettable crowd-pleasing fan favourite, James and the Giant Opportunity, at Bread and Circus in Kensington Market, March 13th, 2009.

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NAAF – Blueprint for the Future: Iqaluit

Posted by on Dec 17, 2008 in National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation

The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation presents Blueprint for the Future in Iqaluit, October 2008. Produced by FTP Media Inc. and the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation.

© National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation 2008.

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Kinder Atom – Soft Hand Feel

Posted by on Jun 28, 2006 in Kinder Atom, Portfolio

Created for Kinder Atom by Lisa Santonato at FTP Media Inc., Soft Hand Feel is an experimental music video for the title track to Kinder Atom’s recent CD+DVD release. Visit for more info.

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Love Shower

Posted by on Nov 2, 2003 in Melleny Melody, Portfolio

This video was edited for performance artist, singer and producer Melleny Melody (now known as MelleeFresh), also producer of the electronic music record label Play Records. Love Shower is an experimental video for the song of the same title, produced by Melleny Melody and the Pop Machine, performed live at the Joker in Toronto in 2003. Video edited by Lisa Santonato for Play Records. © FTP Media 2003.

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