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Italian-Canadian / In Cammino con Amore

Posted by on Sep 12, 2001 in Portfolio, Short Films

Lucia and Serafino Santonato were married in the town of Patrica, Italy, province of Frosinone, on September 12th, 1931. This video features an interview with Lucia and Serafino in advance of their 70th wedding anniversary in 2001.

The interview was conducted by my father Lou and is spoken in Italian, in the Patricano dialect, with English subtitles added. The video also includes Super 8 home movie footage shot by my father in Toronto, Canada in the sixties with some footage also shot by my grandfather Serafino when he returned to visit Italy for the first time since emigrating to Canada in 1950.

I produced this short documentary in September 2001 in honour and celebration of my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary. I am uploading it today (January 2011) to remember their life and love in the tenth anniversary year of their last anniversary together. This year would mark their 80th anniversary. Rest in peace, Nonna and Nonno. We love you.

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Play Records – OM Festival (2001)

Posted by on Aug 23, 2001 in Play Records, Portfolio, Video Editing

Play Records and FTP Media present the OM Festival (2001) featuring ‘Wide Stride’ by Peace Harvest con Pan Con Queso and ‘Fever’ by Steve Yanko. This video was shot by Melleny Melody, Play Records. Edited by FTP and included in Play Records’ sampler and catalogue DVD (also produced by FTP Media). © FTP Media Inc. 2001.

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Melleny Melody – Consulting & Media Archival

Posted by on Jun 2, 2001 in CD/DVD Authoring, Clients, Consulting, Media Archival, Melleny Melody

From 2001 to 2006, FTP Media provided media consulting, media archival, video production, and web development services to Melleny Melody, helping the Canadian singer, songwriter, performance artist and owner of electronic music record label Play Records develop her online web presence at

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Play Records – Content Management, Media Archival & Consulting

Posted by on Mar 16, 2001 in Clients, Consulting, Featured Client, Media Archival, Play Records

From 2001 to 2007, FTP Media provided content management, web development, video production, editing and consulting services for the electronic music record label, Play Records. In addition to building and managing their website content, Play Records hired FTP Media to produce an enhanced DVD highlighting the label’s main publishing library and commercial releases. The DVD was built to include Play Records’ extensive catalogue in playable form, whether using a conventional DVD player or a home PC. The DVD includes an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) featuring a 30-second pre-menu opening and three promo videos describing the three divisions of Play.

Play Records EPK-DVD

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Gerald Belanger – Live in Austria

Posted by on Jan 22, 2001 in Gerald Belanger, Portfolio

DGerald Belanger toured through Austria, Germany + Switzerland + Holland from June to August 2000. Upon his return he arrived and brought a MiniDV tape over to my studio. On it was footage from a show in Ulm at the Ottensheim Open Air Festival. Not having had anyone to man the camera, Gerry placed it upon a speaker and hit ‘record’.

Teaching me a thing or two about beat-matching (as any solid DJ like Gerald is wont to do), Gerry and I spent a night cutting together shots from various parts of his set with Ulm’s MC Marvelous Marvin. We had a great time, and I was happy to edit my first client video on Final Cut Pro.

I later edited the title track for the DVD release of ‘Soft Hand Feel’, another studio project featuring Gerry B called Kinder Atom.

‘Live in Austria’ marks the first video produced by FTP Media (2001) for client number one: Gerald Belanger (Metro Breaks).

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