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Social Media

The strength in FTP Media’s social media expertise dates back to 1996 when FTP Media’s Founder and Director, Lisa Santonato, joined forces with RAH Media in the establishment of Taxi Vancouver Mag.zine, a monthly print-based publication and website designed by a talented design firm called BlastRadius. The early development of online content for the magazine that had a strong community focus and loyal following provided Lisa with the opportunities for experimentation necessary for understanding the power and potential of community reach and targeted brand-building inherent in this new form of media.

Upon returning to Toronto in 1999, Lisa accepted a residency at the Canadian Film Centre (CFC)’s Media Lab where the training she received in user-centered design theory and interaction further cemented her knowledge and understanding of what has come to be known as “social media.” For more information on the history of social media, check out this nifty infographic: The History of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]. Note that social media changes rapidly, and therefore may have evolved significantly since this infographic was created in 2011.

The following is a list of social media properties that FTP Media has either produced, managed or provided consultation services towards in recent years.

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