Media Archival

Since our inception in 1999, FTP Media has worked to assist clients with media management and archival services.

From the digital capture, transfer and archival of historical media found on VHS, Beta or Super 8 film; to the digital cataloguing and storage (with backups) of all media for future use; to consultation on the implementation of data archived in the cloud; FTP Media has worked with organizations large and small as well as individuals and groups to ensure the online protection and preservation of all pre-digital and new forms of media.

The following is a selection of clients that have hired FTP Media for our media archival services.

Unikron – Video Production, Webcasting, Social Media & Archival

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Unikron Inc. is located at 495 Adelaide Street West in Toronto.

Unikron Inc. is located at 495 Adelaide Street West in Toronto.

Working in the role of contract Producer for Unikron Inc., Lisa Santonato produced a series of online videos for corporate clients including Aviva Canada, The Insurance Institute, and Tarion, as well as webcasts for Weber Shandwick and Strongco. The videos were produced for the Canadian market in both English and French. The role of Producer included sales, client relations and account management, as well as overseeing video development, production and post-production. Lisa worked closely with the Unikron team to achieve high results.

Lisa also worked to help establish the company’s new movie & television studio at 495 Adelaide Street West. Lisa wrote press releases announcing the company’s 10th Anniversary and Open House Studio Party and wrote the web content for the new studio site at As an internal consultant, Lisa worked to establish the company’s social media profile, and in so doing launched the company’s Facebook Page and re-established the Unikron Twitter and YouTube accounts. Lisa also initiated the use of Vimeo‘s professional features for video hosting and client review and consulted on the implementation of Unikron’s video archive via Vimeo Portfolios.

MZTV – Video Production, Media Archival & Social Media

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In 2011, FTP Media was contracted by MZTV, the production and distribution branch of ZoomerMedia Limited, to build a digital archive of the legacy of work produced by the company’s founder, Moses Znaimer.

In the role of Associate Producer, Lisa Santonato catalogued, digitized and archived more than two hundred hours of video tape for the company’s internal reference library, and assisted the Producer in the daily organization of shows going to air on Vision TV, a ZoomerMedia channel.

Production credits include: THE GREAT EXTRATERRESTRIAL DEBATE (Associate Producer); THE ROYAL WEDDING INSIDER (Associate Producer, Script Writer); CARP Special Report “ELDER ABUSE: DOES ANYONE CARE” (Associate Producer); CARP CHALLENGE Promo Spots (Producer, Director).

Art Gallery of Ontario – Media Archival

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In 2010, FTP Media was called upon to video archive and produce still frame captures for use in two of the Art Gallery of Ontario‘s 2010 exhibition catalogues: Julian Schnabel: Art and Film, and Black Ice – David Blackwood’s Prints of Newfoundland.

Bruce Mau Design – Media Archival & Webcasting

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FTP Media was hired for a one-year contract to consult on and digitally archive Bruce Mau Design‘s entire body of work, firstly by taking more than 8 terabytes of offline digital media assets (located on hundreds of CD- and DV-ROMs) and transferring them to the BMD servers. Then, through a process of cataloguing all materials, FTP established a comprehensive, locally-based media archive. As a result of this lengthy and detail-oriented process, many items representing significant areas of client work were now available internally, allowing the design firm the means to access and showcase their extensive body of work and develop a complete website redesign.

FTP Media was then invited to help commemorate the launch of the design studio’s new location at 469C King Street West, Toronto. To celebrate the occasion Bruce invited fellow innovator Uffe Elbæk, founder of Denmark’s KaosPilots School of Business Design and Social Innovation, to join him in a fireside chat about design and social entrepreneurship. The discussion was webcast live to and simulcast to audiences that evening at the Bruce Mau Design studio party.

View the live webcast here:

The ‘Mischief and Merrymaking’ event was produced by Paddy Harrington, Greg Judelman, Jim Shedden, and Eha Hess of Bruce Mau Design. The video webcast was produced and uploaded by Lisa Santonato at FTP Media Inc. for Bruce Mau Design.

Big Rude Jake – Consulting & Media Archival

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From 2004 to 2007 FTP Media provided media consulting services to Big Rude Jake, helping the Canadian swing punk legend reclaim his online web presence at

FTP Media founder Lisa Santonato first met Jake on a streetcar traveling home from work on a sunny summer day in 1992. A belligerent drunk man sat down next to her and began harassing her. Nearby, a rather large man dressed in a fine three-piece grey pinstripe suit stood up and addressed the man, announcing in no uncertain terms that he ought to stop. Lisa got off the streetcar at the following stop, and so did Jake. Standing there on the corner of Bathurst and College Street, Lisa became friends with one of Canada’s finest musicians, songwriters, and greatest of gentlemen, Big Rude Jake. The friendship has crossed provinces, decades and technologies, and whenever Jake is playing, Lisa does her best to make it out to the show.

Sometime around 2004 or 2005, after a period of inactivity Jake decided it was time to revive his career. He contacted Lisa who began consulting Jake on how to bring his music back to audiences via online tools and social media. Lisa encouraged Jake to rebuild his website and get his extensive, and spectacular, body of work online. In 2007 Jake gave Lisa six videos which she digitized from old VHS tapes, saving Jake the high cost and trouble of digital video transfer from old, unknown, and more or less lost Beta sources. She helped Jake establish his YouTube channel, and posted the videos for the world to see, thereby bringing Jake’s music video archive to the internet and thereby the world.

Big Rude Jake Performs 7th Avenue Live on Rita & Friends

For a taste of Jake’s ‘swing punk’ style, check out this video archived by FTP Media. In it Jake performs 7th Avenue live on Rita & Friends with his Gentleman Players. The song was released on Jake’s 1994 album, Butane Fumes and Bad Cologne.

Also be sure to visit Jake’s YouTube channel for the latest music from Jake’s solo to 7+ piece band, or his side projects, The Jump Devils, Tennessee Voodoo Coupe and Blue Mercury Coupe.

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Spookey Ruben – Content Management & Consulting

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From 2003 to 2008, FTP Media provided content management, media archival, video production and consulting services for the phenomenally-creative musical genius, Canada’s own Spookey Ruben. Below you’ll find a link to the Bed and Breakfast Electronic Press Kit (EPK) produced by FTP Media for Spookey Ruben in 2003. This EPK features songs from the double-disc album release of 2001 entitled “Bed” and “Breakfast.” © FTP Media Inc. 2003. Produced with the assistance of the VideoFACT (A Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent) PromoFACT Award Program, supported by the MuchMoreMusic Network.

Bed and Breakfast EPK

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Melleny Melody – Consulting & Media Archival

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From 2001 to 2006, FTP Media provided media consulting, media archival, video production, and web development services to Melleny Melody, helping the Canadian singer, songwriter, performance artist and owner of electronic music record label Play Records develop her online web presence at

Play Records – Content Management, Media Archival & Consulting

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From 2001 to 2007, FTP Media provided content management, web development, video production, editing and consulting services for the electronic music record label, Play Records. In addition to building and managing their website content, Play Records hired FTP Media to produce an enhanced DVD highlighting the label’s main publishing library and commercial releases. The DVD was built to include Play Records’ extensive catalogue in playable form, whether using a conventional DVD player or a home PC. The DVD includes an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) featuring a 30-second pre-menu opening and three promo videos describing the three divisions of Play.

Play Records EPK-DVD

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