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FTP Media provides five core services to clients across many sectors:



Consulting has long been an integral part of FTP Media’s services. Whether advising clients on best practices for digital media production, social media management, user engagement strategies, or video production, FTP Media has provided consultation to many clients across various sectors since the company’s inception.

Recent consulting work

Media Archival

Since our inception in 1999, FTP Media has worked to assist clients with media management and archival services. From the digital capture, transfer and archival of historical media found on VHS, Beta or Super 8 film; to the digital cataloguing and storage (with backups) of all media for future use; to consultation on the implementation of data archived in the cloud; FTP Media has worked with organizations large and small as well as individuals and groups to ensure the online protection and preservation of all pre-digital and new forms of media.

Recent media archival work

Social Media

FTP Media was founded with the goal of advocating for greater use of the Internet as a communications medium. In addition to content development and production, FTP Media has steadfastly provided social media strategy, development and consulting services to a wide range of Toronto-based artists, businesses and non-profit organizations since the company’s inception in 1999.

Recent social media work

Video Production

FTP Media has provided video production services to clients in the arts, business and non-profit sectors since its inception in 1999. Whether the goal is to create a promotional video, electronic press kit, commercial spot, viral video or webcast, we continually serve three core objectives: firstly, to understand the clients’ communication needs and ensure those needs are met in the process of developing a sound budget, script, production outline and strategy; secondly, to deliver a high quality production on time and on budget; and finally, to provide consultation and support on the development and delivery of user engagement strategies.

Recent video production work


In November 2009, FTP Media responded to the growing demand for live web video production by adding webcasting to the suite of services offered. Following the completion of an extensive media archival project, FTP Media was hired by Bruce Mau Design to webcast their studio launch event at BMD’s new Toronto headquarters. Since the success of this first event, FTP Media has continued to provide webcasting services to clients in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, delivering quality and reliability to clients seeking reasonable rates with guaranteed results.

Recent webcasting work


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