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Play Records

Play Records – Content Management, Media Archival & Consulting

From 2001 to 2007, FTP Media provided content management, web development, video production, editing and consulting services for the electronic music record label, Play Records. In addition to building and managing their website content, Play Records hired FTP Media to produce an enhanced DVD highlighting the label’s main publishing library and commercial releases. The DVD was built to include Play Records’ extensive catalogue in playable form, whether using a conventional DVD player or a home PC. The DVD includes an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) featuring a 30-second pre-menu opening and three promo videos describing the three divisions of Play.

Play Records EPK-DVD


Melleny Melody, President, Play Records

In addition, from 2001 to 2006, FTP Media provided media consulting, media archival, video production, and web development services to Melleny Melody, helping the Canadian singer, songwriter, performance artist and owner of electronic music record label Play Records develop her online web presence at http://www.mellenymelody.com/.


Love Shower

This video was edited for performance artist, singer and producer Melleny Melody (now known as MelleeFresh), also producer of the electronic music record label Play Records. Love Shower is an experimental video for the song of the same title, produced by Melleny Melody and the Pop Machine, performed live at the Joker in Toronto in 2003. Video edited by Lisa Santonato for Play Records. © FTP Media 2003.

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