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Past work by Lisa Santonato
Producer, Director, Editor

 Lisa Santonato, Founder and Director of FTP Media Inc., is a creative Producer-Editor and videographer who specializes in the development and production of media engagement strategies for a diverse range of clients in the arts, culture, entertainment, business, environment and education sectors. With 20 years experience in the field of digital storytelling, Lisa brings to her clients an exceptional understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in digital media production and online communications. Specializing in online video production, Lisa has produced campaign videos for cultural, non-profit, creative, and corporate clients including Chapters Indigo, The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, USC Canada, Aviva Canada, and ZoomerMedia.


“The Vibrant Lives of Halton Families” for Our Kids Network

Client: Our Kids Network 
Contract Date: 2014
Running time: 38 mins

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations’ International Year of the Family, FTP Media was commissioned to direct and produce a long-format video featuring interviews with three families. “The Vibrant Lives of Halton Families” presents the personal stories of three unique families in Halton, Ontario: a newcomer family with a special-needs child, a blended family with a lifetime-foster teenaged son, and a same-sex couple with two adopted sons. Their experiences highlight how families are meeting everyday challenges while also addressing the question of what makes a family today.


Our Kids Network – Data Portal video series 

Client: Our Kids Network
Contract Date: 2013
Running Time: 2-3 mins

FTP Media was also commissioned to produce a series of short web video testimonials promoting Our Kids Network’s new online data portal.

View the testimonials here:


Mobile Experience Innovation Centre (MEIC) video series 

Client: MEIC
Contract Date: 2013
Running Time: 10-12 mins

FTP Media produced a video series for the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre, a not-for-profit association founded by OCAD University in Toronto with a mission to “support design leadership, experience innovation and applied research in Canada’s mobile and wireless industries.” Part of the program involved mentoring advanced high school students in the filming and post-production editing of the event’s video series.





“The World We Want” – An Evening with Frances Moore Lappé

Client: USC Canada
Contract Date: 2012
Running time: 52 mins

Frances Moore Lappé, the renowned author of Diet for a Small Planet, captivated over a thousand people in public forums hosted by USC Canada on Jan 31 and Feb 1, 2012. In addition to webcasting the Toronto event on Jan 31st together with, USC Canada hired FTP Media to produce a long-format video documenting the event, integrating three cameras with Lappé’s presentation slides.

View the video here:
USC Canada presents: The World We Want – An Evening with Frances Moore Lappé