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Lucia and Serafino Santonato were married in the town of Patrica, Italy, province of Frosinone, on September 12th, 1931. This video features an interview with Lucia and Serafino in advance of their 70th wedding anniversary in 2001.

The interview was conducted by my father Lou and is spoken in Italian, in the Patricano dialect, with English subtitles added. The video also includes Super 8 home movie footage shot by my father in Toronto, Canada in the sixties with some footage also shot by my grandfather Serafino when he returned to visit Italy for the first time since emigrating to Canada in 1950.

I produced this short documentary in September 2001 in honour and celebration of my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary. I am uploading it today (January 2011) to remember their life and love in the tenth anniversary year of their last anniversary together. This year would mark their 80th anniversary. Rest in peace, Nonna and Nonno. We love you.

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