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DGerald Belanger toured through Austria, Germany + Switzerland + Holland from June to August 2000. Upon his return he arrived and brought a MiniDV tape over to my studio. On it was footage from a show in Ulm at the Ottensheim Open Air Festival. Not having had anyone to man the camera, Gerry placed it upon a speaker and hit ‘record’.

Teaching me a thing or two about beat-matching (as any solid DJ like Gerald is wont to do), Gerry and I spent a night cutting together shots from various parts of his set with Ulm’s MC Marvelous Marvin. We had a great time, and I was happy to edit my first client video on Final Cut Pro.

I later edited the title track for the DVD release of ‘Soft Hand Feel’, another studio project featuring Gerry B called Kinder Atom.

‘Live in Austria’ marks the first video produced by FTP Media (2001) for client number one: Gerald Belanger (Metro Breaks).

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