Lisa Santonato

Self-portrait taken during first return to ancestral homeland, en route to Patrica, in the province of Frosinone, Italy.

Lisa Santonato, Self-portrait – Patrica, Italy. c. 2011

FTP Media is Founded and Directed by Lisa Santonato, a creative Producer-Editor who specializes in the development and production of media engagement strategies for a diverse range of clients in the arts, culture, entertainment, business, environment and education sectors.

Having witnessed and participated in the transition of old to new media through the film, television, and animation production, and book, magazine and web publishing sectors during the 1990’s, Lisa brings to her clients an exceptional understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in digital media production and online communications.

Since establishing FTP Media in 1999, Lisa has advocated for and produced social media campaigns using digital media technologies for a wide range of clients in the arts, culture, entertainment, environment and education sectors, specializing in the creation, production and implementation of communications media strategies for artists, individuals and groups.

Today Lisa’s work is more broadly focused on the production and management of media engagement strategies, working closely with clients in diverse areas of the cultural sector. Producing content for the web since 1996, and video online since 1999, Lisa is a long-standing pioneer in the development and production of communications media for the web.